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weed / сорняк, сорная трава, марихуана
имя существительное
сорная трава
marijuana, marihuana, fu, pot, weed, ganja
weed out, weed
имя существительное
a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.
Write down which plants were infected with diseases and where the weeds grew most.
remove unwanted plants from (an area of ground or the plants cultivated in it).
I was weeding a flower bed
This weed can grow in ten to fifteen feet of water or more from top to bottom and seems to be impossible to fish in.
But, no, they just sat deep in the bottom, sheltering under the great mass of oxygenating weed that's grown from three strands in less than a year, and gulped.
By now summer is under way, the weed is growing and all species of fish are feeding well.
we must raise the level of research and weed out the poorest work
To them, marijuana (also called weed because of its ability to thrive in adverse conditions), is not a drug but a herb.
Move over hydrilla, there's a bigger, meaner invasive aquatic weed in town.
It has been listed as one of the 100 worst invasive alien species in the world, and it is considered the second most serious weed in the South Pacific.
my tiny bay weed could jump like a stag
The weed impedes water's natural flow and can destroy native communities of aquatic plants and animals.
There's plenty of weed growing around them, and although not particularly pleasant to look at, among its folds you will see plenty of hovering juvenile pike.