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wed / вступать в брак, соединять, сочетать
вступать в брак
marry, get married, intermarry, wed, make a match
unite, connect, join, combine, put together, wed
combine, match, mix, marry, connect, wed
get married to.
he was to wed the king's daughter
we had.
we'd already been on board
There are still 465,000 New York men and 612,000 New York women between the ages of 35 and 54 who are not legally wed .
That he has prospered this season is perhaps testament to new manager Jim Duffy's ability to wed the adventurous elements of the Italian's passing approach with a more studied gameplan.
Twice wed , he fathered five children with each wife.
They became engaged at the end of the fifth series and wed in the pouring rain during what was meant to be the last ever episode, an hour-length edition screened on Easter Saturday 1995.
will you wed your daughter to him?
Usually, girls were betrothed by fourteen and wed at seventeen.
When they wed , I was the first to congratulate them.
Those with masters or professional degrees wed on average at age 30.
Despite their sleeping arrangements, they somehow managed to be the biological, legally wed , faithfully heterosexual parents of David and Ricky.
But since gays can't yet legally wed in the United States, how is ‘single’ defined?