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webmaster / веб-мастер
имя существительное
имя существительное
the person who maintains a particular website.
This is a very common mistake that webmasters /programmers make when dealing with gradient color background.
So what should a webmaster do to give their website the best chance of ranking high in the search engines?
One of the many responsibilities of being a webmaster is keeping tabs on the traffic your site receives.
Adding and updating events online is a task which usually falls to an overworked webmaster or website manager.
Find out the name and email address of the webmaster of the site and add them to your database.
It is important to note that the filter is not a punishment for anything the webmaster did with their new website.
All you have to do then, so the logic goes, is contact the webmaster and offer to exchange links.
What should you say to the webmaster in the email or phone call that'll increase your chances of them linking their site to yours?
You then email the webmaster of the other site and ask for a link in return.
In some cases, webmasters concentrate on designing the web pages and entrust the writing of sales copy to professional copywriters.
Providing viewers with very little content is a common mistake many webmasters make when they develop their website.