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weblog / веб-журнал
Blogging is creating your own weblog or blog by writing short entries on a website.
I'm still surprised by the number of people in the media who don't know what a weblog or a blog is.
If you run a weblog or website yourself we are also asking you to join in this campaign on your own site.
It is hard designing a personal site with more than just a weblog and has some serious stuff on it.
An asterisk next to the link shows that the weblog was updated within the last 3 hours.
The site will also feature an hour-by-hour weblog of campaign events and news stories.
It stands to reason that had the series been set today, Laura would have had a weblog , not a diary.
In my absence, you'll find plenty of fine reading in the weblogs and other sites listed in the sidebar.
Veteran blogger Dan Drezner gives some advice to new webloggers if they wish to succeed in the world of blogs.
Are you interested in the political implications of weblogs and social software?