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webcast / веб-конференция
  • live webcast - прямая трансляция
имя существительное
a video broadcast of an event transmitted across the Internet.
a live Webcast of the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show
broadcast (an event) on the Internet.
services from St John's are webcast once a week
Watch this historic moment through a live video webcast from our U.S. offices.
When you came in, he was working on a screenplay for what he hopes will be a successful webcast .
The BBC website warns that the webcast may be intermittent, which is barely surprising.
services from St John's are webcast once a week
We couldn't get the live webcast to work - at all.
Their commentary will also be shown on a projector screen at the event and on the webcast .
services from St John's are webcast once a week
Questions posted via email will be answered live during the webcast .
Those who couldn't squeeze into the hall could hear the lecture blasted across the campus on speakers, or go home and view the live webcast .
A webcast of the event will be available starting on April 25.