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webbing / тесьма, тканая лента
имя существительное
braid, tape, lace, webbing, band, inkle
тканая лента
имя существительное
strong, closely woven fabric used for straps, belts, etc., and for supporting the seats of upholstered chairs.
It was available in oak weave or with cotton webbing , a seat covering more suggestive of indoor use.
the part of a baseball glove between the thumb and forefinger.
I came in and I knew I could make a play, but the webbing in my glove was like a string.
cover with or as though with a web.
she noticed his tanned skin, webbed with fine creases
Instead of a ribbon tie, use nylon webbing that slips through two small metal loops or a buckle.
I have a piece of purple webbing knotted in a loop that I untie and wrap around my forearm.
The end goes around the tree, and the rest of the line passes through the loop, making it adjustable and in theory placing much less stress on knotted webbing , although I have no evidence that says it really does this.
I'm even more surprised that there's no secondary securing mechanism, such as strapping or webbing , round the piles of plates in the cupboard.
Reiser went to his left on the play, put up his glove and the ball stuck in the webbing .
Each harness is made of wide, heavy-duty nylon webbing to better distribute the work load and thick padding for extra comfort.
You try to expose as much glove as you can and hope to catch it in the webbing .
webbing straps
It attaches to the suspension webbing with a hook/loop strap.
Linen was also used for fire hoses, parachute webbing and heavy-duty canvas.