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web / сеть, паутина, ткань
имя существительное
network, net, chain, web, system, circuit
web, cobweb, spiderweb, net, tissue, spider's web
tissue, textile, cloth, fabric, web, material
опутывать паутиной
плести паутину
web, cobweb
заманивать в сеть
имя существительное
a network of fine threads constructed by a spider from fluid secreted by its spinnerets, used to catch its prey.
Although many spiders have relatively poor eyesight - those that use webs to trap prey have no need for acute vision, Nelson says; jumping spiders are an exception.
a membrane between the toes of a swimming bird or other aquatic animal.
Then, as the duck draws its foot forward and brings the toes together, the web folds up so there is less resistance to the water.
a roll of paper used in a continuous printing process.
Assume a moving web of paper approximately 6.6 m wide, moving at thousands of feet per minute.
a piece of woven fabric.
Every woman made her web and bleached it herself, and the price never rose higher than 2 shillings a yard, and with this cloth almost everyone was clothed.
cover with or as though with a web.
she noticed his tanned skin, webbed with fine creases
His feet are rather large, but the web is not wide as in ducks.
Black and his executives are claimed to make millions each year through ‘management fees’ channelled through a web of smaller companies.
His campaign skillfully spun a web , not of political opinion, but of beliefs and feelings.
he found himself caught up in a web of bureaucracy
You know the spider and how he constructs his web .
The man led us through a web of corridors, and up two flights of stairs.
He tried various spiders to get the finest web for the purpose and carefully glued it to the eyepiece.
I saw a spider's web and an insect larva beginning to spin a cocoon.
They include both the web-spinning variety and those, which do not spin a web .
These designs typically are built in the non-sticky center of the web , where spiders wait when foraging.