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weathercock / флюгер, непостоянный человек, ненадежный человек
имя существительное
vane, weather vane, weathercock, windvane, cock
непостоянный человек
ненадежный человек
wobbler, flibbertigibbet, weathercock, weak vessel, fly-by-night
имя существительное
a weathervane in the form of a rooster.
ALL the city's weathervanes and banners and weathercocks held still.
(of a boat or aircraft) tend to turn its head into the wind; gripe.
As usual, it weathercocked a little into the wind and I got some great footage of it coming down.
The house contains a variety of window shapes, criss-crossing gables, beautiful Art Nouveau stained-glass windows, a corner turret with a weathercock (another one exists on top of the stables).
A wooden timber frame topped with a weathercock serves as the outline of a backwoods cabin in which three brothers and their sister are orphaned when a bolt of lightning strikes.
The latter, nicknamed ‘Cock Chapel’ on account of the weathercock on top of its 125 ft spire - the tallest in Keighley - would close for worship in 1937.
She knew that she was getting nearer; the trees along the sides of the street began to look familiar, and she could almost recognize the old weathercock swinging on the roof.
The aircraft then weathercocked into wind and departed the runway.
The aircraft weathercocked about 70° to the left and slid backward down a snow-covered embankment with an average slope of -13°.
There was dancing light on the roofs and weathercocks ; and a shimmering ripple out to sea.
The original boat proved seaworthy, fast and able to carry large amounts of kit, but weathercocked more than was comfortable.
ALL the city's weathervanes and banners and weathercocks held still.
It weathercocked badly and was under power on the way down.