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weather-beaten / поврежденный бурями, видавший виды, потрепанный
имя прилагательное
поврежденный бурями
видавший виды
storm-beaten, weather-beaten, beat-up
shabby, battered, seedy, old, shot, weather-beaten
имя прилагательное
damaged or worn by exposure to the weather.
a tiny weather-beaten church
The highest point along a wide volcano crater is marked by a weather-beaten cross.
There are also contemplative zones, like a fragrant garden for smell, the colour garden and a pool of lilies for sight, and a tactile area strewn with weather-beaten rocks to stimulate the sense of touch.
Her face was worn and weather-beaten , but it creased into the recollection of a smile.
The buildings are tall, weather-beaten grey sandstone, a pleasing jumble of medieval and modern.
The shoreline was ten feet away, lined with weather-beaten fossils of forgotten fishing boats.
There, in the middle of a cornfield, just beyond a row of housing projects, sits a weather-beaten ghost town called Westec City.
McCarthy's angular face, a weather-beaten mask of crags and furrows, hides an inner core filled with Yorkshire steel and Irish charm.
The train sweeps along the valley along Suisun Bay, where a collection of weather-beaten old ships from WWII sit looking forlorn in the still water.
He's got so many lines on his weather-beaten old face his Botox bill would be enormous.
Its entrance is a weather-beaten door sandwiched between an occult bookshop and a ritual shop on Vaughan Road.