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weather / погода, непогода, шторм
имя существительное
weather, sky
bad weather, weather, wind and weather
storm, gale, weather
имя прилагательное
weather, annual
windward, weather
относящийся к погоде
withstand, stand, survive, support, sustain, weather
обходить с наветренной стороны
подвергать атмосферным влияниям
имя существительное
the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc..
if the weather's good, we can go for a walk
wear away or change the appearance or texture of (something) by long exposure to the air.
his skin was weathered almost black by his long outdoor life
come safely through (a storm).
His ships weathered the storm, sailed west and reached Honduras in Central America.
make (boards or tiles) overlap downward to keep out rain.
But if the euro-zone economy is to weather future downturns better, the process must start.
this year has tested industry's ability to weather recession
Unfortunately, some rocks weather into a sort of brown almost burnt crust on the outside, so that can be confusing.
He aides the Master of the ship in trying to weather the storm.
the ice sheet preserves specimens that would weather away more quickly in other regions
We are two thirds of the way through the winter season without any cold weather or significant snowfall.
You have all the elements of a potential disaster in the making, speed, unpredictable elements, cold weather and mountains.
this year has tested industry's ability to weather recession
Normal deck duties were not possible, so we continually chipped ice from the weather side, as the sea froze on the deck.
The cold weather has been suddenly replaced by warm humid conditions.