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weary / утомлять, устать, утомляться
tire, weary, fatigue, wear, tax, wear down
get tired, weary, spend oneself, be through
tire, weary, fag
имя прилагательное
tired, weary, wearied, beaten, aweary, irked
tired, weary, exhausted, sick, all in, overexhausted
tedious, tiring, tiresome, exhausting, weary, fatiguing
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion or lack of sleep.
he gave a long, weary sigh
cause to become tired.
she was wearied by her persistent cough
And, in the back of their minds, these are the worlds they may hope to find a place in when they lay down the weary burdens of power.
For City, the end of an extremely long and weary season is just 90 minutes away.
Recently he has been involved in so many wars of words that he is battle- weary .
I was feeling slightly weary after the drive and the general lack of sleep, but was quite pumped up.
The Romans, in their turn, took to burning fields themselves, trying to starve Hannibal out, trying to weary his men.
‘I'm sorry about this,’ he said, sounding weary .
Jonathan had looked restrained, almost world- weary , and perhaps a little jaded even.
Then she grew too weary to hold her hand up, and it fell into her lap.
Alaina fell backwards onto the bed, weary from the day's events.
But he said nothing and Allie had no choice but to follow him as they began their weary trek across the wide, empty beach.