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weapon / оружие, боевое средство, средства самозащиты
имя существительное
weapon, arms, gun, weaponry, armament, arsenal
боевое средство
средства самозащиты
имя существительное
a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.
nuclear weapons
Nobody should be intimidated from making a stand against nuclear weapons and war.
The defendant refused to talk to him about the weapon or tell him where he had got it.
More and more nations are getting the ability to develop biological and nuclear weapons .
Others, weaponless , filed in through the open door, their faces masks of shock.
Men and women have whole armouries of weapons and every night produces a different one.
I think it is important to separate the debates about nuclear power and nuclear weapons .
The modern sportive form of wrestling, an individual weaponless combat activity, probably developed in prehistory from survival fighting, when it became convenient to replace death or serious injury with a more symbolic victory.
in prison she only had one weapon
he drew his weapon
Race is the most potent weapon in their armoury and some in both the party and the electorate are not afraid to use it.