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wealth / богатство, благосостояние, изобилие
имя существительное
wealth, riches, richness, rich, fortune, abundance
welfare, wealth, prosperity, well-being, health, weal
abundance, plenty, galore, fertility, wealth, exuberance
имя существительное
an abundance of valuable possessions or money.
he used his wealth to bribe officials
Reducing inequality almost always requires redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor.
She has a wealth of hilarious and eye-watering stories garnered from 45 years in the profession, which she tells with practised ease and the delivery of a professional comedian.
There is a wealth of evidence that the support given to children in the first three to five years makes far more difference than, say, how universities select among those who have made the grade at 18.
the country's mineral wealth
New taxes on wealth could redistribute money from older, better off Australians into education, health, and unemployment accounts for young Australians.
However, an economic model that does not include the creation of wealth is about as valuable as an ecological model that does not include reproduction or predation.
And it supplies a wealth of advice on deciding whether to go solo in the first place.
He brings a wealth of executive experience from previous roles in both the public and private sector to the mutual, non-profit friendly society.
We haven't used the massive resources that have been made available by mineral and petroleum wealth over the last 15 years, and those projects are all coming to an end.
It is wrong and stupid to impose the brunt of the reforms on the socially weak while ignoring all those who possess large incomes and wealth .