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weal / благо, рубец, благосостояние
имя существительное
good, boon, blessing, weal
scar, tripe, cicatrix, rumen, welt, weal
welfare, wealth, prosperity, well-being, health, weal
band, strip, stripe, streak, lane, weal
rib, ridge, cord, wale, weal, cicatrix
оставлять рубцы
wale, weal
slash, welt, flog, wale, weal, scourge
вырабатывать ткань в рубчик
wale, weal
имя существительное
a red, swollen mark left on flesh by a blow or pressure.
I sat in it once when they were picking tomatoes, my feet dangling, the ridge of the seat hurting my thighs, making red weals .
that which is best for someone or something.
I am holding this trial behind closed doors in the public weal
This President has largely excused the rich and powerful from the onerous burden of lightening their wads a tiny bit for the public weal - with a resulting plunge in Treasury receipts.
His attachment to the vow of celibacy takes overriding precedence over everything else, including the public weal .
she slapped his cheek and a bright red weal sprang up on it
There was a red line running from David's chin, across his cheek and over the corner of his eye, disappearing into his hairline, and it was swelling rapidly into a sizeable weal .
Positions of trust were designated to all members of this Parliament, singly and corporately, who were seen as guardians of the public weal .
Within minutes, the area swells into an angry red lump called a weal .
I am holding this trial behind closed doors in the public weal
Many will recognize in the Bush initiatives a potential danger to the public weal (is this yet another Republican effort to shrink government?
There is no way for a democratic regime to prevent the citizens from watching and participating in exchanges of ideas, even if these are often half-baked or biassed, and not aimed at public weal .
This enabled them to fashion the policies of the state in a manner that the woe and weal of the common man is addressed.