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weakness / слабость, недостаток, слабое место
имя существительное
weakness, debility, fragility, failing, feebleness, faintness
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, weakness
слабое место
weak point, weakness, weakspot, feeble
имя существительное
the state or condition of lacking strength.
the country's weakness in international dealings
Conversely, deprivation produces feelings of inferiority, weakness and helplessness.
The problem, which results in instant weakness , first struck him last season.
My life had dissolved into illness, weakness , pain and exhaustion.
his weakness for prawn cocktails
Such conditions can lead to dizziness, weakness , lethargy and confusion.
I've always had a weakness for the company of good-looking men.
Critics will no doubt mock the idea, asserting perhaps that it is a sign of weakness or even desperation.
French fries are a weakness of mine and I have a hard time saying no to any offering of crisp, golden potato sticks.
The nerve condition is characterized by weakness and quick fatigue of facial muscles.
he had a great weakness for Scotch whisky