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weakling / слабовольный человек, слабое существо, хилое существо
имя существительное
слабовольный человек
weakling, pushover
слабое существо
weakling, understrapper, underling
хилое существо
weakling, underling, understrapper
имя существительное
a person or animal that is physically weak and frail.
According to John Wright, the virus is already in the soil everywhere, and has been for centuries, and it only breaks out when there are susceptible weaklings in the animal kingdom who have suffered nutritionally.
I very nearly did, because I am that much of a simpering weakling who hates to upset people.
But bullies always end up being reduced to their inner weakling .
To those who know him, he isn't a novelty act or a weakling who couldn't hack the rigours of the infantry.
These bags would each weigh 12 stone and to carry those up 12 or 14 stone steps all day was no job for a weakling .
Hedda, for her part, realises she may have made a mistake by marrying a weakling like George, but is too bored to care.
If you don't drink too much you're considered a weakling in some way.
I found it hard to stand there with the likes of him and not feel like a nine-stone weakling .
If he had he would have been able to banish the image of the Democratic weakling as effectively as Clinton banished the fiscal irresponsibility label.
In a 1983 ad, the Gillette man was depicted as the tiny weakling on a basketball court full of giants; his shaver, he said, helped him even the odds.
he looked like a nine-stone weakling who had just thrown sand in the face of the bully