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weak-minded / слабоумный, нерешительный, слабовольный
имя прилагательное
idiot, moronic, imbecile, moron, mentally deficient, weak-minded
indecisive, hesitant, irresolute, undecided, faltering, weak-minded
weak, infirm, flabby, wanting in purpose, weak-minded, weak-kneed
имя прилагательное
lacking determination, emotional strength, or intellectual capacity.
We become soft or weak, and weak-minded as a result.
She is an attractive, weak-minded and desperate middle-aged teacher who gives into the temptation of sleeping with a reasonably virile teenage boy who has a crush on her.
If you're weak-minded then I don't think you'll make it far as a footballer.
The hellish day was designed to root out the weak and weak-minded , confirmed coach Brian Noble.
Most European and many American commentators now appear to believe that only weak-minded dupes could vote to re-elect him.
He hadn't believed her; only a weak-minded fool would.
‘He takes an almost childlike pleasure in baiting socialists, pinks, reds and other weak-minded leftists,’ laughed one source who knows him well.
Sometimes I can make weak-minded people do what I want, too.
Lara was far from weak-minded , if anything she was strong-willed and open to opinions.
We become soft or weak, and weak-minded as a result.
‘He was a rather weak-minded specimen,’ said the author.