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waylay / подстерегать, устраивать засаду, перехватить на пути
устраивать засаду
ambush, lay an ambush, make an ambush, waylay
перехватить на пути
stop or interrupt (someone) and detain them in conversation or trouble them in some other way.
he waylaid me on the stairs
So, it appears all they did was to go and waylay the man.
With dark eyes peeping out from beneath her black shawl, she would happily waylay any child or adult who wandered past.
She tried repeatedly to waylay him, but succeeded only once, in November 1935.
Most likely the stranger is just one of those unsavory fellows who waylay innocent travelers and such, and does not wish to be known to us.
She followed the man and was about to waylay him when he suddenly stopped.
They also resolved that if he returned they would waylay him and give him a beating.
Mrs. Peck saw him about to rush into their house and managed to waylay him for a moment.
Unfortunately my attempts to convince my father were waylaid by my mother, who chose that moment to walk in.
I want to do things, but I get waylaid by other thoughts or more pressing issues.
But I was waylaid by Donny, who timidly requested, ‘Would you mind walking in the gardens with me?’