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wayfarer / путник, странник
имя существительное
wanderer, pilgrim, wayfarer, nomad, ranger, rover
имя существительное
a person who travels on foot.
After travel, the wayfarer 's home is not the same anymore.
There on the doorstop, drenched and dripping in the darkness, stood a miserably bedraggled Jewish wayfarer .
I am a wayfarer , and I am not ready to settle down in one place for good.
Through the closed windows came the occasional ‘peep’ of a fogbound wayfarer whistling for a hansom.
It could be by helping someone needy, whether it is a relative, a neighbour, a wayfarer , an orphan, a lady waiting to get married, or a student.
After travel, the wayfarer 's home is not the same anymore.
Alas, the joint was shut, and there would be no refreshment for the parched 21st-century wayfarer .
In July, local police had to save wayfarers four times.
The villa and its grounds had attracted no other wayfarers ; the ruined stables would be comfortable enough.
The biblical hero of hospitality, Abraham, had a tent that was open to all four directions, welcoming wayfarers from all sides, of all sorts, at all times.
To cross the narrow isthmus connecting the peninsula of the Peloponnesus to the rest of Greece, wayfarers had to shuffle in single file along a dangerous, cliffside trail, braving crumbling ledges and scree.