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waxy / восковой, восковидный, вощеный
имя прилагательное
wax, waxy, waxen
waxy, waxen
похожий на воск
testy, irascible, violent, fiery, wildcat, waxy
имя прилагательное
resembling wax in consistency or appearance.
waxy potatoes
Kipflers are wonderful, waxy , yellow-fleshed potatoes that were first identified in Germany.
Cholesterol is a white, waxy substance found in all animal tissues.
Their faces were waxy , white and drawn, their eyes open and blank.
It has big balls of bright orange flowers and large waxy grey leaves, but because it won't tolerate temperatures below about 15-degrees Celsius, it will only grow in a glasshouse this far south.
There, among the white waxy flowers, she saw a small, snow-white moth with grayish hind wings.
They were passing through a grove of low trees now, with drifts of creamy blossom and the waxy green leaves of citrus trees.
In another salad, waxy redskin potatoes with a deep, earthy flavour were served warm, along with a poached egg, on a combination of leaves and vegetables sprinkled with sesame seeds.
If you find a white, fluffy, waxy material on the undersides of leaves or in the leaf axils, your plant has mealybugs.
A favourite flower for the bouquet's centre was the amazon lily, which had white waxy blooms.
Their faces were waxy and pallid in the glow of the torchlight.