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waxwork / муляж, восковая фигура, лепка из воска
имя существительное
восковая фигура
лепка из воска
имя существительное
a lifelike dummy modeled in wax.
The singer was speaking at the unveiling of a waxwork model of himself at Madam Tussaud's in London.
Not many people can boast of having their own waxwork in a museum, but New Addington resident Nan Jenkins is just one person immortalised in the Lifetimes exhibition.
Here is the story of Kaiser Wilhelm's holiday in a small Welsh spa town shortly before the outbreak of the Great War, and of the Welsh waxwork museum largely peopled by countless effigies of Prince Philip discarded by Madame Tussaud's.
Unrecognizable under layers of garish makeup, Voight at times looks like a moving, talking waxwork .
The couple will have to hold their pose for up to three hours while they are studied for the waxwork figures.
Yes, the new Robbie Williams waxwork is just like the real thing.
Visitors to Madame Tussaud's are impressed with how eerily lifelike the new Robbie Williams waxwork looks.
In a row of glass cases, waxwork tableaux of Victorian surgeons are shown lopping off limbs while their patients are forcibly restrained.
Numerous small theatres throughout Salem re-enact episodes from the witch trial hysteria while waxwork displays in creepy dungeons capture the key moments.
He looked like a Russian waxwork , but wasn't as large in the flesh as you'd imagine.
Going to investigate, we're confronted with a man in a bowler hat and suit sitting at a keyboard looking rather like a waxwork .