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wavy / волнистый, волнообразный, рифленый
имя прилагательное
wavy, corrugated, undulating, waved, billowy, undulated
wavy, undulatory, sinuous, undulate, undulant, ripply
fluted, corrugated, ribbed, wavy
имя прилагательное
(of a line or surface) having or consisting of a series of undulating and wavelike curves.
she had long, wavy hair
The floor has to be corrugated, wavy like a barn roof to make it strong since the floor is not bolted to a frame.
At the top of them, two wavy pink ribbons hung down to the sides of her eyes.
Even seabirds that dive into the jungle of wavy fronds must now look for food elsewhere.
The shell has wavy walls, smooth to the touch and in multiple colours like broken glass.
It made me sick as he ran a hand through her long wavy locks, pressing his lips against hers.
Juveniles are pale with wavy dark bands and sometimes peppered with small dark spots.
I kind of hoped that, as the box grew and plumped out, the line would appear to be less wavy .
The reflection pattern is parallel and slightly wavy in the lower part, and becomes increasingly varied in the upper part.
Her wavy brown hair was messy, tangled, and pulled into a sloppy ponytail at the nape of her neck.
Also strange, wavy lines called shadow bands can be seen on the Earth's surface.