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wavelet / небольшая волна
имя существительное
небольшая волна
имя существительное
a small wave of water; a ripple.
To the right of that is a close-up of blue-brown wavelets of water.
Nothing stung worse as a young surf fisherman than to drive onto hot sand, stare into tiny, green wavelets , and draw a yellow bucket filled with overheated, upside-down shrimp from the trunk.
I didn't move, but sat against the mast running my finger along the cut on my foot and looking vacantly at the green-brown wavelets parting before us, the boulders and cedars along the shore and cloud menagerie overhead.
It punches at the foaming wavelets , scrambles along the edge of the rocks, cartwheels, hops.
The gusty wind forced tiny wavelets to ripple across the surface.
Quietly, against the gentle sound of wavelets hitting the sleeping island, someone could be heard sobbing.
Apparently these tsunami can begin far out to sea as 30 centimetre-high wavelets before reaching the shallow waters which give them the fuel and the volume to become mountainous.
The sand of the beach shimmers under the African sun, and the wavelets that lazily flop onto the shore are crystal clear.
His home was made of pale marble, and clear white wavelets from the swimming pool shimmered on its empty walls.
Minutes later, we're leaping joyfully across a bay of sparkling wavelets towards a headland crowned with the ruins of a pirate castle.
The steel-grey wavelets of Loch Skeen lapped dark peaty banks.