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watery / водянистый, водяной, жидкий
имя прилагательное
watery, aqueous, liquid, thin, weak, washy
water, aquatic, aqueous, watery, liquid
liquid, fluid, runny, thin, watery, wet
watery, thinnish
pale, light, pallid, faint, wan, watery
имя прилагательное
consisting of, containing, or resembling water.
a watery fluid
Katie looked up at her with questioning blue eyes, still watery with tears.
Through watery eyes, she squinted to see who her assailant was.
Zak shivered, it was cold, even though the sun was up the heat it cast was weak and watery .
Even though Josh had said that, David swore he could see the vampire's eyes were a bit watery .
Lisa gave him a wry smile, her eyes still a little watery .
Their blueberry sauce managed to be thick but watery and tasteless at the same time.
The arm and part of his neck and chest was red and oozing blood and a clear, watery fluid.
The moon, only one day past full, sailed up over the fields as we drove out and, on the way back, glimmered down on the sea, lighting a watery path across the channel to the Welsh coast beyond.
Seamus looked at his brother, whose eyes were golden and slightly watery .
It's daytime and it's very light - I know I'm in England because of the watery sunshine coming in through the dusty glass roof.