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waterworks / водопроводная станция, водопроводные сооружения, водные сооружения
имя существительное
водопроводная станция
водопроводные сооружения
водные сооружения
имя существительное
an establishment for managing a water supply.
Sources said that almost all schools in the village did not get water supply from the waterworks and the students were also consuming the hand-pumped water.
used to refer to the shedding of tears.
she is an expert at turning on the waterworks to manipulate others
The venue could not have been more appropriate - an old waterworks to celebrate Pattaya's cleaner waters.
If anybody mentions Sean or why I left last night, turn on the waterworks .
Initially this came from Cornish mine-owners, but extended to paper, flour, cotton and iron mills, as well as distilleries, canals and waterworks .
The railroad came to Hailey in 1883 bearing materials for a jail, courthouse, electric lights, waterworks , and telephones.
Depsite all the waterworks , I have to have faith that if fate played a part in our meeting, fate is playing a part in our moving to Minnesota.
She screamed at the top of her lungs, the waterworks in flood mode.
she is an expert at turning on the waterworks to manipulate others
Margaret's lip began to tremble, and finally came waterworks of tears.
They have to do everything from getting the director of the waterworks to come back to work to getting a chief of police.
It was painful at times and it brought a few waterworks .