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waterway / водный путь, фарватер, ватервейс
имя существительное
водный путь
fairway, channel, waterway, seaway, clearway, pass
имя существительное
a river, canal, or other route for travel by water.
The town is near the Delaware and Hudson Canal, a commercial waterway that connected the two rivers.
a thick plank or angle iron at the outer edge of the deck of a vessel, which joins the vessel's side to its deck and directs water overboard via the scuppers.
Some US forces were north of the Euphrates River, but most were stuck south of the waterway as engineers tried to build a pontoon bridge there.
The waterway was extended when the Monklands Canal was joined to the Port Dundas basin in 1793, and the Union Canal at Camelon in 1822.
the canal was a very successful commercial waterway
Hundreds of tonnes of soil were also removed to make a 300-metre road along the river bank, reducing the width of the waterway to just two metres at places.
Restorers of the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal want to expand their knowledge of the waterway 's social history.
Others traveled further north along the Mississippi waterway .
Three thousand fish have been released into the River Tame in Stockport to restore life to a waterway devastated by a major pollution incident earlier this year.
The canal boom revived the idea of a waterway between Manchester and Sowerby Bridge.
The new waterway would connect the Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes with the Great Ouse River in Bedford.
Manchester is already getting a new waterway linking the Ashton and Rochdale canals when the Cardroom estate is transformed into New Islington.