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watertight / водонепроницаемый, герметичный, герметический
имя прилагательное
waterproof, watertight, repellent, impervious to water, staunch, stanch
sealed, airtight, watertight
hermetic, airtight, sealed, airproof, pressurized, watertight
имя прилагательное
closely sealed, fastened, or fitted so that no water enters or passes through.
a watertight seal
But remember, this is entertainment not the Special Theory of Relativity - it doesn't have to be mathematically watertight .
But even watertight concrete is not impermeable to the passage of moisture.
These little guys would be hand-raised by the Penguin Reserve and subsequent surgeries performed to remove scar tissue until the area was healed and watertight .
In this situation the compartment would have been evacuated and sealed using the watertight bulkhead door to the rear of the torpedo stowage.
A fully informed, carefully and methodically reasoned, conceptually watertight political argument lies well outside them.
The question is how, considering that both boys have watertight alibis.
However, the seal proved to be less than watertight .
In their attempt at being watertight and perfect, our laws are so wordy that they lose their spirit amongst the letters.
Fireworks should not be sold to anyone who thinks that loud explosions are actually worth paying money for but I can see that it would be difficult to frame that in a watertight legal manner.
The experimental tank was constructed from glass of 1 cm thickness held together with silicone rubber and divided into two equal proportions by a watertight partition.