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waterspout / водяной смерч, водосточная труба
имя существительное
водяной смерч
waterspout, spout
водосточная труба
downpipe, downspout, waterspout, water shoot, spout, leader
имя существительное
a rotating column of water and spray formed by a whirlwind occurring over the sea or other body of water.
Tornadic thunderstorms can also produce waterspouts and downbursts.
Technically, it was a waterspout , not a tornado.
The waterspout churned across the river, and I saw waves ten feet high pound the marina when the rope got to within a few hundred feet of it.
It created an inverted waterspout that ripped a hole in the roof.
This afternoon in Santa Monica, or off the coast of Santa Monica, a waterspout formed over the Pacific Ocean.
It was actually a waterspout , but I had never seen one before and wasn't too concerned about this destination.
When, for example, the ship comes upon a waterspout the ‘width of a tree trunk,’ Mr. Banks is unimpressed.
Two waterspouts churned their way through Biscayne Bay in the Miami area.
Tornadic thunderstorms can also produce waterspouts and downbursts.
Huge eddies pulled the waves into massive waterspouts that devoured the flotsam and survivors on the river.
Where there were once waterspouts , now there are dust storms.