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waterside / береговой, расположенный на берегу, проходящий по берегу
имя прилагательное
shore, coastal, coast, waterside
расположенный на берегу
проходящий по берегу
имя существительное
coast, bank, strand, waterfront, riverside, waterside
имя существительное
the edge of or area adjoining a sea, lake, or river.
I always mix my groundbait at the waterside and always with lake water.
In a waterside hotel in the heart of the Home Counties, we can hear the rushing of the stream through open windows.
it was built on the waterside
Probably they were already holding an unofficial market there by the waterside , and some may even have been residing there.
Always take your baits to the water in a insulated cool bag which will help keep the baits in tip-top condition during your stay by the waterside .
waterside vegetation
I always mix my groundbait at the waterside and always with lake water.
The waterside gardens and pathway were conspicuously well presented.
There were a lot of rocks to pick through, and it was a ways down, but once I perched on the rocks by the waterside it was worth it.
When I meet a fisherman on one of my waterside rambles, he may mention birds I haven't seen.
I'm a big fan of waterfront cities: there's just something about chilling out on the waterside that I really love.