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waterproof / водонепроницаемый, непромокаемый, водозащитный
имя прилагательное
waterproof, watertight, repellent, impervious to water, staunch, stanch
waterproof, impermeable, rainproof, raintight, impenetrable, showerproof
имя существительное
непромокаемый плащ
raincoat, waterproof, oilskin, slicker, rainsuit, mackintosh
придавать водонепроницаемость
имя прилагательное
impervious to water.
a waterproof hat
имя существительное
a garment, especially a coat, that keeps out water.
With the pre-match formalities over the players peel off the waterproofs and are set for action.
make impervious to water.
This week, one team has to find a way of waterproofing a tent to take on an expedition, while the other team builds a seismograph out of an old alarm clock.
Their waterproof inks and papers also guarantee serious longevity.
All they could find was a camper's waterproof match container.
A little climb brought sight of the top end of Gouthwaite Reservoir and in no time we were sitting on a bench by its reed fringed water, gazing at the ducks, eating our sandwiches and pulling off waterproof trousers.
Black Velvet India Ink provides waterproof , opaque coverage, is nontoxic and is available in 4-oz., pint and quart sizes.
Whether the inks and media are waterproof and able to endure exposure to light for long periods may also be considerations for prints that are to be displayed.
I had foolishly not put on waterproof mascara either, not expecting to need it!
My dad has this wax stuff you can put on normal shoes to make them waterproof .
In a smart move he's bought in a large batch of waterproof ink.
She slipped on waterproof shoes and a woolen hat.
It's also good to know the help is there as a waterproof jacket if I need it.