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watermark / водяной знак, отметка уровня воды
имя существительное
водяной знак
watermark, thread mark
отметка уровня воды
делать водяные знаки
имя существительное
a faint design made in some paper during manufacture, which is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker.
Information such as a watermark in the paper may help identify a place and date of production.
mark with a watermark.
They were duly printed out on the official paper, which was watermarked and crown headed.
The new dinar, which is printed on higher quality paper and contains several security devices, such as a watermark , embedded security strip and textured ink, will unify the currency across Iraq.
The watermark on this paper depicts the royal arms of England, a design common through a large part of the eighteenth century, and the handwriting (seemingly the same for both poems) is also eighteenth-century in appearance.
He owned a paper mill on the banks of the Darent and in 1826 invented the Dandy Role, a device which could stamp a watermark into one roll of paper, instead of each individual sheet.
Every few leaves of the Mackenzie journal there appears a watermark in the lower left corner.
The euro notes carry a watermark and security thread, plus a circular symbol, half of which is transparent.
I looked at the watermark on the paper, then shot back.
But for the watermark , the thickness of the paper and the missing security thread, the note, reportedly obtained from a private bank, looked like genuine currency for all practical purposes.
He holds up the piece of paper and it is blank except a small watermark in the center.
It was typed up neatly on a standard piece of office paper bearing the official watermark and letterhead of the City Park Service.
Information such as a watermark in the paper may help identify a place and date of production.