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waterman / лодочник, гребец, перевозчик
имя существительное
boatman, boater, waterman, shoreman, shoresman
rower, oarsman, oar, puller, waterman, oarer
carrier, ferryman, sandpiper, conveyor, waterman
имя существительное
a boatman.
‘Our membership has strong ties to the water and we rely a lot on the local watermen to teach the workshops,’ said the director of the museum.
While watermen recognize the right of an individual to work hard and make a living being a waterman , they also know that watermen can be greedy and that such greed hurts watermen in general.
He was the son of a London boatbuilder and waterman who used to ferry J. M. W. Turner across the Thames.
A well-known waterman at Selby said that the river was in a fearful condition, and this had a good deal to do with the reported collisions taking place and damage done to boats on their voyages to and from the town.
The young Arthur befriended a waterman who took fresh water to the incoming ships.
He then became a Thames waterman , and increased his earnings by writing rollicking verse and prose; he obtained the patronage of Jonson and others, and diverted both court and city.
Probably completed during the 1850s, the painting depicts an attempt by Navy recruiters to entice a Thames waterman into the service.
As a waterman , and later as a lock-keeper, he has alternative, and distinctly illegitimate, sources of income which are clearly not related to honest sweat.
So poor was the harvest of recruits that an appeal was issued to the watermen on the Thames to join up.
Proximity to the Thames meant that Bankside was within easy access for inhabitants of the city who could cross the river either by foot on London Bridge or by using transport provided by the Thames watermen .
This book includes Tideway, a set of poems arising during a period spent with Thames watermen .