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waterlogged / заболоченный, полузатопленный, пропитанный водой
имя прилагательное
пропитанный водой
waterlogged, soggy
имя прилагательное
saturated with or full of water.
the race was called off after parts of the course were found to be waterlogged
He said the shortage, which has cause the hiked prices on the market, is a result of continuous rainfall and waterlogged soils which lower production.
Scientists this week finished removing sediment from the ballast tanks of the sub after recovering a coil of waterlogged rope.
Police believe the car may have aquaplaned on the waterlogged motorway because of the heavy rain.
The mosquitoes breed in waterlogged fields and marshes.
Slurry must not be spread on waterlogged or frozen soils or if heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours.
This field near Randolph and other fields in the Southeast have been waterlogged since the snowstorm May 11.
Parts of the Northeast and Midwest are starting the week waterlogged by summer storms.
The city's main train station is also waterlogged and has been closed for days.
In fairness to both sides they had to contend with atrocious conditions with the playing surface waterlogged in several places.
Unless works were initiated on a war footing, epidemic might break out in waterlogged areas, he warned.