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waterfront / берег, порт
имя существительное
coast, bank, strand, waterfront, riverside, waterside
port, harbor, waterfront, harbour
имя существительное
a part of a town that borders a body of water.
What's more, the altered flow of water has induced booms to sprout up all along a world of new lake waterfronts and tributaries provided by the enormous expanding upstream pool of liquid.
Taking my drink and bag of food, I go to eat my meal at the waterfront and drink in the taste of my home town.
Look at similar cities with a waterfront , a similar business profile and comparable population.
His vision includes the development and revitalisation of the neglected waterfront of the River Foyle.
Much of this passed through the waterfront markets and industrial tenements of Dublin into the Irish interior.
Arisaig proper greets you after a few more turns in the road, with a small waterfront looking out across a muddy harbour.
The office and the accommodation are a few hundred metres back from the harbour along the waterfront road.
The light was so gentle over the river, and the thronging crowds at the waterfront were so colourful.
On the way to work this morning I noticed the statue of Sir Thomas More sitting in his nice waterfront gardens in Chelsea.
Hop on at Queen's pier and sail out for a few beers or supper at one of the waterfront restaurants.
For a truly colonial feel visit the Old Courthouse Restaurant on the waterfront .