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waterfowl / водяные птицы
имя существительное
водяные птицы
имя существительное
ducks, geese, or other large aquatic birds, especially when regarded as game.
We saw lots of waterfowl , mostly Canada geese and mallards with the odd Gadwall.
Large birds including ptarmigan and waterfowl are the most common prey item of the Gyrfalcon.
Habitat seemed the next best criterion to search by, since many waterfowl shy away from inland bodies of water.
A modest duck pond becomes exciting when one realizes that not all waterfowl are Mallards and Canada Geese.
The black-headed duck most often parasitizes other waterfowl and marsh-nesting birds.
Another new duck for us was the exquisite Harlequin Duck, a waterfowl rarely spotted close to shore.
Now that late fall has settled in, waterfowl are the main attraction.
We were baffled by a waterfowl just like this one back in September.
The green central island is inhabited by ducks, cormorants, Canada geese and other territorial waterfowl .
The actual impact of Mute Swans on native waterfowl and their habitats in North America is poorly known.
Big, bold, and fiercely territorial, these birds dominate all other waterfowl in their domains.