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watercourse / русло, поток, ручей
имя существительное
channel, watercourse
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, watercourse
stream, creek, brook, rivulet, groove, watercourse
имя существительное
a brook, stream, or artificially constructed water channel.
It should never be spread close to a watercourse , and tanks should never be cleaned beside a stream or river.
When water from a nearby active stream flooded into the dry watercourse , the nests and eggs, like those on the flats, were inundated with mud.
a dry watercourse
One of the best, but also the slowest, method is to fill the finished watercourse or pond with water and leave over winter.
Options are limited because we are in the upper reaches of a river that has a narrow watercourse through an historic town.
The original watercourse was blocked by the scree slope we had just climbed over, and now the water disappeared into a scary narrow fissure.
Never introduce any sort of pond plant into a stream or other natural watercourse .
It is an artificial watercourse of great antiquity.
Near the railway line was something called the ‘New River Path’, a walking track running beside a watercourse .
A linked watercourse is planned, with cascades, ponds and rills.
The area where they are located is precarious because the ravine is a main watercourse .