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water / воды, вода, море
имя существительное
water, aqua, backwash, vacuity, water bewitched, Adam's ale
sea, water, waters, waves, blue, flood
water, shower
water, give to drink, prime, muzz
wet, soak, drench, moisten, water, ret
имя прилагательное
water, aqueous, aquatic, hydrous, overwater, Neptunian
water, aquatic, aqueous, watery, liquid
watercolor, water, watercolour
имя существительное
a colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.
They are dissolved in warm water and the liquid is taken as a drink between meals.
a stretch or area of water, such as a river, sea, or lake.
the lawns ran down to the water's edge
the quality of transparency and brilliance shown by a diamond or other gem.
capital stock that represents a book value greater than the true assets of a company.
pour or sprinkle water over (a plant or an area of ground), typically in order to encourage plant growth.
I went out to water the geraniums
(of the eyes) become full of moisture or tears.
Rory blinked, his eyes watering
dilute or adulterate (a drink, typically an alcoholic one) with water.
staff at the club had been watering down the drinks
For two miles the water stretched north, a flat sheet of grey in the morning sun.
The maid massaged the oil into her scalp and washed it with the flower water in the bath.
Pour very hot tap water into pan to about 2/3 of the way from top of custard cups.
You sit right by the water on the edge of a pretty and totally unspoilt village.
Poach the syrup gently for about ten minutes, until it begins to thicken a little, then stir in the orange blossom water .
One climbed over a chain guard on the sea wall and posed for a picture on steps leading down to the water 's edge.
Refill the tub with clean cold water and rinse the pipes out by running the jets a few more minutes.
In astrology, it is the Moon's association with water that dominates its influence.
But I bet your eyes will water when the firms reveal their charges for the new-style pensions.
Beat the cream cheese and butter together and then beat in the flower water and sugar.