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watchword / лозунг, пароль, призыв
имя существительное
slogan, motto, watchword, cry, catchword, formula
password, sign, parole, watchword, word, countersign
call, appeal, plea, exhortation, draft, watchword
имя существительное
a word or phrase expressing a person's or group's core aim or belief.
the watchword for the market is be prepared for anything
At the decisive moments the watchword has always seemed to be: nothing too painful, contradictory or critical.
Partnership is the watchword of U.S. strategy in this administration.
the watchword for the market is be prepared for anything
The tradition is that, as each new president is installed, he or she establishes a watchword or mantra for the four year term of office.
But the overriding watchword is public service delivery.
Innovation is the watchword of product development.
The ‘line of command’ is broken and personal survival becomes the watchword instead of commitment to the organizations objectives.
‘A killer is a killer is a killer’ is the watchword of American prosecutors and politicians.
on all educational fronts, innovation was the watchword
Authoritarianism, barely concealed under the fig leaf of ‘democracy’, became its watchword .