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watchtower / сторожевая башня
имя существительное
сторожевая башня
имя существительное
a tower built to create an elevated observation point.
It's a tower - an old watchtower from the days when they needed watchtowers.
It's a tower - an old watchtower from the days when they needed watchtowers.
The western terminal of the wall was at Bowness-on-Solway, but fortlets and watchtowers continued down the Cumberland coast.
And in the meantime, in all those hills surrounding those cities, sharpshooters are standing by in watchtowers .
This is a complete misnomer; it is an eight metre high sheer concrete wall with watchtowers .
We are ushered through another checkpoint and eventually the road ends at a couple of watchtowers and heavily guarded barriers.
In these mountainous areas, the typical Caucasian home is built like a fortress, with high watchtowers and six-metre walls.
The settlement perimeter is marked by watchtowers and torches and the village has its own cadre of border guards dressed in a sort of monk's habit in a mustard colour, which is thought to soothe the creatures.
We could have turned the planet into a slave camp of watchtowers and concertina wire if we had chosen.
He ordered thousands of watchtowers to be built 12 metres tall and 12 square metres at their base with 6-metre walls of granite joining them.
Army watchtowers to be demolished with no Army presence in police stations and use of military helicopters for training purposes only.