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watchman / ночной сторож, караульный
имя существительное
ночной сторож
night watchman, watchman, nightman, Charley, Charlie
guard, sentry, watchman, guardsman
имя существительное
a man employed to look after an empty building, especially at night.
The fences and barriers, speed bumps and empty watchmen 's huts are the trappings of wealth, the buffers of avarice.
The watchman who was working the second shift said he came early to relieve the first.
The watchman phoned the emergency services and other colleagues after the alarm activated.
When no one answered, they broke in and searched the building, only to find a watchman sleeping at his post.
That was back in 1979, and he made his debut as a scriptwriter for an offbeat movie about ‘a watchman in a graveyard, and his interaction with death’.
If you stay long enough, you will hear mournful strains from a lone bugle - it is played every hour in memory of the watchman whose trumpeted warning of an invasion was silenced by a Turkish arrow.
Though it is the house of the First Citizen of India, it doesn't have any security personnel, or even a watchman to monitor the visitors, much to their surprise and disbelief.
a night watchman
Receiving a look from the watchman the gatekeeper knew the postman felt the same.
The watchman from the previous night caught my eyes and I knew that brushing it off as a simple misunderstanding wasn't a possibility.
For a moment I wondered if he secretly worked night shift as a watchman .