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watchdog / сторожевой пес, наблюдатель, контролер
имя существительное
сторожевой пес
watchdog, house-dog, listening-dog
observer, watcher, supervisor, spectator, onlooker, watchdog
controller, inspector, examiner, supervisor, checker, watchdog
имя существительное
a dog kept to guard private property.
The Gauls tried to climb the Capitol at night, eluding the watchdogs and the Roman guard, but the flock of geese sacred to Juno spotted them and roused the Romans in time.
maintain surveillance over (a person, activity, or situation).
how can we watchdog our investments?
how can we watchdog our investments?
Just as a watchdog guards a home, so the agency should be vigilant against fraudulent or dangerous products.
the consumer watchdog for transport in London
The nuclear watchdog that was there did not see it.
The Government's financial watchdog has not accepted the department's accounts for the past 15 years.
how can we watchdog our investments?
In part this was due to the inability of his religious advisory group to watchdog the companies effectively.
The trading watchdog is currently undertaking a review of estate agents' practices.
To others it's an essential watchdog needed to prevent discriminatory practices in the workplace.
The council is the watchdog established to set, monitor and enforce standards in all areas of general insurance, including the fair treatment of customers.