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waster / расточитель, брак, беспризорный ребенок
имя существительное
waster, spendthrift, profligate, wastrel
marriage, wedlock, matrimony, match, defect, waster
беспризорный ребенок
guttersnipe, stray, waster, waif, wastrel, gutter-child
имя существительное
a wasteful person or thing.
you are a great waster of time
‘I wasn't looked upon as being a layabout or a waster ,’ he said.
I have done nothing all day and am feeling like a bit of a waster really.
We may now return to the Calle Pureza, and the waster that is a variant of Type II, that is to say with the diamond and feathers, but with a plant motif in the center.
The current over the top road building programme demonstrates the this is a waster of tax payers' money.
The technique for making arista tiles is clearly shown by a waster from the Calle Pureza.
The first thing to note is that if you're a dishonest lazy waster they're not interested in your vote.
‘Arianna you look very happy about a cruise that seconds ago you proclaimed to be stupid, absurd and a complete waster of your precious time,’ Matt says teasing me.
Liz and I had to work and save and calculate just like other people; elseways we should be as poor as any good-for-nothing, drunken waster of a woman that thinks her luck will last for ever.
Are you saying that each and every one of these 4 million is a desperate loser, a waster , a drop-out?
I think hanging round Savile Row waiting for potential clients to visit London is a big energy waster .