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wasted / привыкший к наркотикам
имя прилагательное
привыкший к наркотикам
имя прилагательное
used or expended carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.
wasted fuel
(of a person or a part of the body) weak and emaciated.
her wasted arm
use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.
we can't afford to waste electricity
(of a person or a part of the body) become progressively weaker and more emaciated.
she was dying of AIDS, visibly wasting away
devastate or ruin (a place).
he seized their cattle and wasted their country
(of time) pass away; be spent.
the years were wasting
Ellington was beating everyone up, as he always does when he's wasted .
As I look at my flabby body and my wasted muscles it is truly amazing that it managed to run 26.2 miles just 52 weeks ago.
A screen behind Hansen's back flashed and then an image of a very thin, wasted body appeared.
Jason grinned and went up to the bar to get them enough alcohol to get them completely wasted .
It wasn't the hours of toil, sweat and petrol clearing the footpath which concerned me, but the wasted wheat.
But multiply 2,000 wasted emails times a million people and you see the magnitude of the problem.
I rang them the day before to see if i could have a telephone interview, they refused and said it wouldn't be a wasted journey as there were lots of things happening.
She swigs a third and realizes she is too wasted to think about her thudding head.
There is scarcely a wasted moment or line in the film.
As a result he suffered head fractures, a wasted hand, an injured spine and damage to his kidneys.