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wastage / потери, убыль, утечка
имя существительное
losses, casualties, waste, toll, wastage
decrease, diminution, wastage, subsidence, waste
leakage, leak, escape, outflow, seepage, wastage
имя существительное
the action or process of losing or destroying something by using it carelessly or extravagantly.
the wastage of natural resources
the weakening or deterioration of a part of the body, typically as a result of illness or lack of use.
the wastage of muscle tissue
There's already a perceptible muscle wastage in her hind quarters, and I have been encouraging her to take a little exercise: one of her endearing traits is that she can almost always be persuaded to take a walk with me.
It could also reduce food wastage which is estimated to cost at least 10 billion yuan every year.
A figure of £424 was suggested for the annual food wastage per person every year.
Meanwhile, the Audit Commission's scathing report on the running of the criminal justice system says the £80m wastage would pay for thousands more police officers.
The strategy outlines Defence's commitment to reduce water consumption, minimise wastage and maximise use of waste water across Defence properties.
And the fact that food must be consumed quickly means that wastage is high.
On a regular morning walk at Marine Drive with her neuro-psychiatrist husband, an infertility specialist was discussing wants vs. needs and how she could avoid wastage in the lab.
The state government has brought nuptials of all religious hues under the Essential Commodities Act to prevent wastage of food at wedding feasts.
Thankfully, faith in the surgeon was justified and three operations later Weller made a full recovery, following one more season of frustration due to muscle wastage caused by 60-odd days in hospital.
Mr Graber, you have acute muscle wastage caused by the steroidal hay-fever medication that you are taking.