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waspish / язвительный, злой, ядовитый
имя прилагательное
caustic, biting, acrimonious, waspish, incisive, spiteful
evil, wicked, ill, vicious, unkind, waspish
poisonous, venomous, toxic, noxious, toxicant, waspish
имя прилагательное
readily expressing anger or irritation.
he had a waspish tongue
He inspected his young visitors with a quizzical, waspish look.
Private thoughts made public reveal a waspish view of the world which readers may find surprising.
The administration that sold itself on simple homespun values and manly virtues has been caught in an act of waspish backstabbing to cover its dishonesty.
Are their early waspish criticisms insincere and their later affirmations the real deal, or are the affirmations the fakery and the waspishness the genuine thing?
She brushed off my waspish words, and waved me away.
Her waspish tongue has already landed her in trouble.
The manager does not take punishment well, and is waspish in his responses to journalists who question his tactics and second-season signings.
His humour was waspish and admired even by those who were often the target.
That should have ended it, except that certain newspapers have grown irritable and waspish with Tony Blair.
I suppose despite her waspish attitude she knows something about fashion.