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wasp / оса
имя существительное
имя существительное
a social winged insect that has a narrow waist and a sting. It constructs a paper nest from wood pulp and raises the larvae on a diet of insects.
Another hazard that sometimes faced the picker was disturbing a nest of wasps or some other stinging creatures.
a solitary winged insect with a narrow waist, mostly distantly related to the social wasps and including many parasitic kinds.
In the garden dill attracts beneficial insects, including bees, parasitic wasps and tachinid flies.
имя существительное
an upper- or middle-class American white Protestant, considered to be a member of the most powerful group in society.
But the criticism of WASPs as a group, says Brookhiser, is only a symptom of a deeper ill.
I was cleaning up my flowerbeds for fall when a wasp flew up and stung me on the cheek.
I could see the anxiety on Zack's face when the wasp buzzed past a second time.
When a nasty wasp stung two of us, the shaman congratulated us, saying it would help mitigate the future contraction of arthritis.
The main causes of egg mortality are predators and a parasitoid wasp .
Once, he was bitten by a horrendous dog, and was also stung by a wasp .
When a male wasp crashes into the orchid, it gets covered with orchid pollen.
The latest accident is thought to have been triggered when one of the horses was stung by a wasp , causing it to bolt.
A few days later the egg hatches and the wasp larva eats the cicada alive.
We believe effective fly control will require the utilization of parasitic wasp species native to Nebraska.
There is also a parasitic wasp that attacks them but they are not effective enough to prevent the damage.