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washroom / туалет, уборная, умывальная
имя существительное
toilet, bathroom, lavatory, restroom, toilette, washroom
restroom, lavatory, toilet, washroom, closet, water closet
имя существительное
a room with washing and toilet facilities.
Refurbishing the toilets and washrooms will cost more than it would in other schools, because the pipework and cisterns will need to be boxed in to prevent the children interfering with them.
So he walked towards the closet in the living room, passing the washroom as he went.
I didn't have to escort little people to the washroom many multiple times a day.
Cameras also can't be installed in washrooms or private conference rooms, unless specially authorized by the superintendent.
Perhaps now you can appreciate my earlier fascination with clean public washrooms .
One third of all primary schools in the country lack water supply and nearly 50 percent do without restrooms or washrooms , according to the report.
New showers and washrooms will also be provided plus a drying room for wet gear and clothing.
I look in the dining room, living room, family room, den, all the washrooms , but there's no one in sight.
Alison and Rachel pushed there way through the crowd of dancers in the club to the other side of the small room where the washrooms were situated.
In solidarity with striking workers, many individuals were plugging toilets and littering washrooms .
Years ago I wrote an article for Vancouver magazine identifying the nicest public washrooms downtown.