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washout / смыв, размыв, провал
имя существительное
erosion, scour, washout
failure, fail, collapse, failing, flop, washout
имя существительное
an event that is spoiled by constant or heavy rain.
Through no fault of the organisers, last year's River Festival was a total washout , with torrential rain and flooding.
a breach in a road or railroad track caused by flooding.
Freezing temperatures, blowing snow, landslides and washouts all keep the maintenance of way crews busy on the pass.
the removal of material or a substance from the body or a part of it, either by washing with a fluid, or by allowing it to be eliminated over a period.
The abdomen was left open to allow for additional debridements and washouts of necrotizing fasciitis of the abdominal wall.
Two developed postoperative infection one of which required bilateral antral washout , the other settled with medical treatment.
The Glenpark side are one of several teams whose campaign has thus far been blighted by a total washout .
After a washout on Wednesday, the queue down Church Road was encouragingly huge and inside the All England Club players were hurrying to the practice courts.
After all, there are no guarantees that a summer wedding in the middle of June won't be a washout .
The spring rolls are actually pretty good, but the tamarind dipping sauce is a washout .
What had actually happened was that she had encountered an unseen, unmarked washout across the road more than three feet wide.
Last season was a washout because of injuries (right hand and thumb).
He may be charming but he is willful, thoroughly spoiled and a washout in politics.
they feared their wedding was going to be a washout because of torrential rain
The washout was caused by heavy rains on Thursday but did not become apparent until the Des Moines track started to dry out on Friday afternoon.