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washing / стирка, мойка, мытье
имя существительное
washing, wash
washing, car wash, washer
washing, wash, scour
имя прилагательное
washing, detergent, detersive, abstergent
washable, wash, washing
употребляемый для стирки
имя существительное
the action of washing oneself or laundering clothes, bed linen, etc..
Most surgical operation sites simply need to be kept clean by daily washing with cool water.
An assortment of leather sheaths hang like washing on a line in a mocked-up Saxon trader's stall.
When he started to neatly fold his washing , the large and angry crowd was bristling.
Daily gentle washing with soap, detergent, or alcohol is effective.
I went and hung out a load of washing in the time it took to log on and get into my site.
Still, they already think we're a little odd because the man of the house hangs washing on the line.
Fabrics made with the coating withstand repeated washing with water and are therefore reusable.
On that basis, we might as well all give up washing and go around smelling like badgers, and nearly as hairy, too.
Everyone takes a share in clearing away the meal, doing the dishes and folding the washing .
As Sarah sat folding her washing , she remembered the terror and sadness she had felt that day.
Chores could include emptying bins, hanging up washing or setting the table.