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washcloth / тряпка для мытья посуды, мочалка из махровой ткани
имя существительное
тряпка для мытья посуды
washcloth, dishcloth, dishrag
мочалка из махровой ткани
имя существительное
a cloth for washing one's face and body, typically made of terry cloth or other absorbent material.
Using the same cloth washcloth for the whole upper body or both legs was not considered recontamination.
It might be much more communicative to apply a nice, cool washcloth to his forehead or to say a word or two and then be quiet.
Use either cotton squares or a very soft clean washcloth and go over your face a few times.
I kept silent as I finally found a sea green terry washcloth , walked over to the sink, and dampened it with cold water.
At least he had his own soap, washcloth and towels, which he made absolutely sure nobody else got near.
She went to the linen closet and pulled out a towel and washcloth for me.
Dip a small towel or washcloth in warm water, wring it out, lie down, close your eyes, and put the cloth over your lids for 15 minutes.
Next, rub cuticles with a warm, damp washcloth in a gentle way.
Wipe the baby's bottom with a baby wipe or a clean wet washcloth .
When she finished with the soap she put it on the holder and began rubbing the washcloth all over her body.
It's a liquid, comes in a plastic bottle, you squirt some on a little towel or washcloth , then wipe down the cat with it.